Branding Nada

Services: Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Stationery, Layout, Naming
Agency: Cause+Affect

Previously 'The Zero Waste Market', Nada is disrupting the Canadian grocery industry by creating a 100% package-free shopping experience. I worked with Cause+Affect to strategize a new name and visual approach that is true to Nada's unique position in the market. Embracing the bold and fiery stance Nada is making against the over-packaged world we live in, we proposed a name that was straight to the point and no-nonsense. At Nada there's no packaging, just food. The visual identity followed suit; a clear and straight forward wordmark paired with a colour palette and typography system that embraced its energy and community are all part of Nada's visual arsenal.  


NADA-CaseStudy_Boards-2Branding 2NADA-CaseStudy_Boards-2Branding 2
NADA-CaseStudy_Boards-2Type StyleNADA-CaseStudy_Boards-2Type Style